For me, creating pottery is all about relaxing, feeling joy and playfully exploring my creativity. I hope that every time someone uses one of my pieces of functional art, they feel that spark of joy from which it was created.

Each piece of pottery is handmade and unique and aims to be an expression of the perfectly imperfect beauty that defines us as human beings. It’s the imperfections that create character and variety and make life interesting.

Manufactured ceramics are made by pouring liquid clay into a mold. Each piece is exactly the same. With handmade pottery, the pieces are formed through compression of clay – pressing and squeezing it, instead of just pouring a liquid into a mold and allowing it to dry. This process of compression creates a much stronger piece that is resistant to chipping and breakage. The increased density of the handmade pottery also retains heat for longer than manufactured ceramics. Each piece of handmade pottery takes hours to create, whereas manufactured ceramics take minutes. But the handmade pottery is more durable and retains heat better and has unique character which sparks joy and inspiration. I welcome you to experience the difference of drinking your morning coffee out of a handmade mug and see if it tastes different, if it makes you feel more joy and inspiration and creativity as you start your day. I always find that I’m more conscious and appreciative of my meal when I take the time to serve it on beautiful handmade pottery. Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful piece of handmade pottery and experience an extra spark of joy in your day.

Come explore my story! I hope you find inspiration here.